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    Manual Handling - Kinetic Lifting - Part 1

    Mark Bellew 19 Jul 2016

    Manual Handling - Kinetic Lifting - Part 1

    Plan the Route

    • Where is the load going
    • Are there obstructions in the way
    • Is there somewhere to set it down

    One Person Lift

    • Determine the weight
    • Look for sharp edges
    • See if weight is evenly distributed
    • Keep heaviest side to body
    • Decide how to hold the load

    If it is too heavy use a trolley or get assistance

    Correct Positioning of Feet

    • Comfortably apart
    • One foot positioned in direction of movement
    • Other foot where it can give maximum thrust to the body

    To maintain good balance feet should never be too close together on the ground

    Straight Back

    • Lower the body by relaxing the knees
    • Keep your back straight (but not vertical)
    • Keep load close to body
    • Keep chin in and head back


    • If lifting from ground make maximum use of legs
    • Keep back straight but inclined forward
    • As lift proceeds and the legs are straightened the back returns to vertical position

    Positioning of feet and bending of knees are the key factors in maintaining a straight back

    Correct Grip

    • Take a firm grip by using the palms of the hands and roots of fingers
    • Taking weight on finger tips will create pressure at the end of fingers and could strain muscles and tendons in the arms

    A full palm grip will reduce muscle stress to the arms and decrease the possibility of the load slipping

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