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    Manual Handling - Kinetic Lifting - Part 2

    Mark Bellew 18 Jul 2016

    Manual Handling - Kinetic Lifting - Part 2

    Lifting Smoothly

    • Thrust from back foot and straightening of knees will move body forwards and upwards – briefly off balance
    • Immediately countered by bringing the back foot forward as if walking
    • Lift now completed - forward movement results in smooth transition from lifting to carrying

    Carrying the Load

    • Make sure you can see where you are going
    • Avoid twisting the body – move your feet instead
    • If you need to change your grip – set the load down – not whilst walking

    Setting the Load Down

    • Use the correct stance for lifting and set the load down gently

    Two Person Lift

    • Decide who will be caller
    • Assess the weight
    • Correct positioning of feet
    • Straight back
    • Correct grip
    • Lift together

    The caller co-ordinates the lift and ensures each lifter knows what to do and when

    Kinetic Lifting - Summary

    • Plan the route, the lift and the set down point
    • Position your feet - bent knees, straight back
    • Firm grip, lift smoothly
    • Move the feet – do not twist body
    • Keep the load close to the body
    • Put down smoothly – then adjust for final position
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