Restrictive Physical Intervention Techniques

Restrictive Physical Intervention Techniques

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for mental health staff working in an acute setting, door supervisors, security officers and personnel who deal with extremely violent clients.

The course offers comprehensive and professional training for the handling of clients or patients in a care setting who exhibit violent or unmanageable behaviour. The techniques taught are aimed at maximising the safety of all concerned and which aim to protect the dignity of the client involved.

The training consists of theory linking to various national codes of practice, stages of recognition , de-escalation, assault cycle, reasonable force, risk management/care planning and post incident support, followed by demonstrations and practice. Those attending will work in teams playing both the aggressor and victim in different scenarios to test and experience the effectiveness of the techniques taught.

What will you learn?

  • Breakaway Techniques
  • Controlling Situations
  • De-escalation of the situation
  • Team Work – explaining the importance of team work, practice of different roles within the team
  • Instruction of the many holds and correct procedures on how to effectively perform them
  • De-escalation, safe holds for sitting, standing and transferring
  • Blocking and controlling punches
  • Single person take downs
  • Taking the individual to the ground (face up and face down)
  • Controlling legs
  • Turning the individual over on the ground
  • Standing the individual
  • Negotiating stairs and doorways
  • Separating fighting clients
  • Legal responsibilities of control & restraint
  • Positional Asphyxia
  • Scenarios – role play enabling teams to practice their new skills, whilst being assessed by instructors

Completion of this course will offer staff a system of both working in teams and individually which allow them to safely contain and restrain clients.

Duration of Course

  • This course can be a 3 day foundation or 1 day refresher, dependent on your training requirements, with flexible start and finish times.
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